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Eco-Popper™ is the world’s first digital top water fishing lure. It is equipped with an embedded high-definition camera and sensors which enable it to stream live underwater video and data directly to your smartphone.

Eco-Popper is designed as a topwater lure, which means that it floats on the water’s surface. When hooks are off, it can act as your ultimate scouting tool. It contains an embedded wide-angle, HD 720p ultra high sensitivity camera in the back of the lure (capturing the rear view of the Popper), along with a Wi-Fi module and antenna, as well as a series of water sensors. As soon as Eco-Popper hits the water, or when you touch its activation pin, Eco-Popper is activated and creates a Wi-Fi access point. You then use your smartphone and the Eco-Popper app (iOS & Android) to connect to Eco-Popper’s access point to begin streaming live video of the underwater action, as well as information from the lure’s sensors.

Expected delivery – November 2017.


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