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Eco-Popper is the world’s first digital fishing popper. It comes equipped with a high-definition 720p, high sensitivity wide angle underwater camera located at the rear of the popper, enabling real-time fish strike detection. The product is equipped with a series of additional sensors that capture many aspects related to fishing and to the water environment surrounding the popper.


With the iOS/Android app, using state-of-the-art Big Data services, the fisherman is equipped with a new exciting and powerful empowerment tool that can be used  as a unique fishing and training tool.


All captured elements, videos and data, can easily be shared with others on this fisherman social network.

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The Eco-Popper creates a local Wi-Fi network that is linked to the angler’s mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc) via an application (iOS/Android) that is downloaded ahead of time.

Through this local network, all video and sensor data are transmitted to the angler’s mobile device and processed by the app. Data elements that have been pre-approved by the user may then be shared with the app community via the cloud.

The angler also gains full access to relevant real-time data about his location. Sensors located in the popper measure water turbidity (clarity), temperature, acidity (pH levels), oxygen levels and salinity (the level of saltiness).

These can be used to not only determine the preferred fishing areas but also to monitor the health of the water itself. This captured data can also be shared through the angler’s social media networks as well.

Much has been written about the importance of maintaining our water environment as well as making it thrive and improve, yet very little action has been taken on the ground to do so. By leveraging the power of the entire sports fishing community, Eco-Net offers a truly viable, global, effective and extremely cost-effective solution to monitor in real-time our global water environment.

By doing so, we provide timely and critical information to the appropriate authorities about potential harmful changes to the water environment.

The product has not been officially launched yet. It is now being tested around the world by professional anglers in order to optimize its capabilities. In parallel, we are establishing a network of partners and distributors.

If you are interested in hearing more about the product– please leave your contact information and a short description of your interest and we will get back to you promptly.